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If you have any questions or comments about what's on this site you can email me at davids (at) this domain. (Please do not send job requests my way at this time. I am currently unavailable for hire.)

All the scripts and software here are available for free for personal use. If you find them useful and would like to support this site you are more than welcome to donate. Thanks!


Internet Explorer Margin Fix

Code standards-compliant CSS without hacks or workarounds, and include one .js to fix Internet Explorer's automatic margin bug.

Homepage | Example | Download Internet Explorer Margin Fix


This is a simple script that simplifies the task of opening an image popup window.

Example | Download iPop

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This little application allows you to quickly upload files through a drag-n-drop interface. I use it almost daily.

Review by Michael Ashby.

Technology used: C#

Requires the .NET Framework 2.


Dojo Toolkit

I am a one of the co-founders of the Dojo Toolkit (by the Dojo Foundation).


SourceForge kindly hosts my work on the Internet Explorer Margin Fix.